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architect Adrian L. Crisan, ALA, NCARB                                                                                          
                Studio Principal
                e-mail: acrisan@studio-a-int.com
                phone: 1-614-581-8731       

                architect Daniel L. Barringer, LEED AP
                Director of Architecture
                e-mail: dbarringer@studio-a-int.com
                phone: 1-614-989-5314

Lynncheryl M. Gadson
                Marketing Manager

                phone: 1-330-219-8755

Iutka Tobias
                Marketing Manager


                Mr. Toan Cam To
                Intern - Building Designer I
                e-mail: tto@studio-a-int.com

                Mr. Brian Millar
Intern - Building Designer I

                 architect Adrian L. Crisan, ALA, NCARB                                                                      ^up^              
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mr. Adrian Crisan graduated in 1998, as an architect, from a six-year long accredited program from                         Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, EU.

Prior to study architecture, Mr. Adrian Crisan, studied Physics from 1989 to 1992.

                After his graduation in 1998 as an architect, he practiced architecture in US working for several
            prestigious companies.

                Later on, in 2006 he started his own practice
"Studio A International, LLC" in Columbus, Ohio.

                Mr. Crisan, is a NCARB accredited architect,
and currently registered in Ohio (US) and Romania (EU).
                Beside practicing architecture, Mr. Adrian Crisan teaches "Sustainable Energy Performance"                                  and other courses at Columbus State Community College, in Columbus, Ohio.

                You can follow his architectural blog "Integrated Architecture" here:



2006 - present

2004 – 2005 - Architectural Designer at “Prime Engineering & Architecture” - Columbus, OH, USA.

1998 – 2001 - Architectural Designer at “URS Corporation” - Columbus, OH, USA.

                 architect Daniel L. Barringer, LEED AP                                                                       ^up^                      
                With over 16 years as a NCARB registered architect, Dan Barringer is experienced in all aspects of                         architecture from concept through construction administration. Over the past 23 years, his extensive talents                 have been reflected in projects ranging from major airports to commercial and civic projects throughout the                 world. His educational background is centered in the American Midwest, with his Bachelors of Science
            from the School of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1986
            and his Masters in Architecture from the University of Minnesota in 1993. His interests in architecture has
            taken him to further his studies throughout North America, Greece, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany,                 China and New Zealand in order to gain knowledge of the architectural practice.
                The primary focus of Mr. Barringer’s architecture efforts is the development and application of                                     computer-aided electronic media towards architectural design, presentation and the production of
            construction documentation.  Extending from concepts based in his graduate research, Mr. Barringer has                     developed, implemented and executed designs using three-dimensional electronic models which are                         invaluable during the design and construction document processes. An underling theme of Mr. Barringer’s                 beliefs is the importance of sustainable building practices and the development of advance building

                Dan Barringer’s professional experience includes employment with Skidmore, Owings & Merril in
            Chicago as both part of the architecture design studios and a team member for the development of IBM’s                 Architectural and Design Series CAD software.  His employment with Ellerbe Beckett in Minneapolis
            and SEH Architectural in St. Cloud continued his implementation and integration of computer technology in                 architecture. As a part of the international design team at URS in Columbus, Mr. Barringer applied his                         knowledge to major civic and institutional projects. Further, he developed the company RenderSpec to
            create and sell form-Z three-dimensional computer models. In 1998, Mr. Barringer became one of the firm                 owners of Lápiz Design in Columbus. At Lápiz Design, he was in charge of Architecture for design,                             documentation, and administration. 

                Arkitīps is Dan Barringer’s venture to broaden then current advancements in the process of
            architectural design within the medical profession. Arkitīps provides architects with the necessary
            components for Building Integration Modeling, BIM; linking concept modeling with final
            construction documents.

                Through Mr. Barringer active involvement in the American Institute of Architects and the
            US Green Building Council, he has an understanding of the future direction of the architectural profession.










                Mrs. Lynncheryl M. Gadson                                                                                                ^up^       

                Mrs. Lynncheryl M. Gadson has a solid experience in residential projects. Prior to join
            Studio A International, LLC team, she  was a Project Manager for Columbus Housing Partnership, Inc.,
            in Columbus, Ohio, an Executive Director for Rebecca Williams Community Center, Inc., in Warren, Ohio
            and an Executive Director for Southside Community Development Corp., in Youngstown, Ohio.

                She holds a Master of Science in Community Economic Development from South New Hampshire                         University, Manchester, New Hampshire and a Master of Science in Community Economic Development
            form Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.

                Her experience is with Affordable Housing Development, Federally-Funded and Adaptive Reuse
            Projects and Community Economic Development & Neighborhood Development Strategies.

                As part of a successful team, Mrs. Lynncherryl M. Gadson, managed first LEED Platinum Certified                             residential new home project in Ohio.

                 Mrs. Iutka Tobias                                                                                                              ^up^           

                A self educated, Mrs. Iutka Tobias has experience in direct sales and personal counseling.

                 Mr. Toan Cam To                                                                                                              ^up^           

                Mr. Toan Cam To graduated with an Associate of Applied Science in Architecture from Columbus

                State Community College in 2010. He started as intern at Studio A International, in Spring of 2011.

                His strenghts are in Revit, AutoCad, SketchUp and other BIM and 3D modeling environments.

                 Mr. Brian Millar                                                                                                                 ^up^          

                Mr. Brian Millar was an intern at Studio A International during the Summer and Fall of 2010. His

                focus was on CAD design and modeling in 2D and 3D environment