Architectural Services

Architectural Design & BIM Training

   We provide architectural design for various types of large or small scale projects: commercial, industrial, aviation, residential, etc. We use BIM exclusively to deliver outstanding projects. Our internally developed Revit AddIns and standalone BIM applications, are created specifically for construction industry, enabling us us to automate large percentages in the creation of the construction documents, while ensuring efficient delivery of the projects and eliminating human errors. All our AddIns and standalone applications are using extensively current APIs from .NET platform.

   Beside design, we also offer intensive BIM training to our clients. Our training material is customized to fit our clients' specific needs.

   If you are interested in our services, please contact:

   Adrian Crisan, registered architect, NCARB

   e-mail: acrisan(at)

   phone: 1-614-581-8731

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