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                Welcome to
Studio A International, LLC architectural internship application guidance.

                We offer internship based on our architectural studio needs. Sometimes an internship is granted shortly             after application was reviewed, sometimes  the process takes longer. This is because there might not be                     openings at the time of an inquire. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and effort from our side to integrate

        a new team member
in the design process, as skills of a new team member must complement the whole team. 

                There are few prerequisites that applicants need to consider, prior to submit a request for internship.

                1. Software skills - we are a tech savvy company, all applicants must be familiar with the following list of
        computer applications: Blender 3D, Yaf(a)ray, LuxRender, GIMP, Inkscape, FreeCAD, NaroCAD, Salome,
        BRL-CAD, QCad, MeshLab, gmsh, OpenFoam, ParaView, Wings3D, eQUEST, EnergyPlus, ESP-r,                         OpenOffice, Scribus, gCAD3D. Most of these packages are Open Source and are freely available for
        everyone with no restrictions. Applicants need to become familiar with them prior to submit for internship.

                2. Curriculum Vitae/Resume should contain significant education, experience and one individual image         for significant projects.
Curriculum Vitae/Resume should be saved in a .pdf format and be less than 3mb.
        Once we receive your
Curriculum Vitae/Resume, within two weeks period we will e-mail you back to                              confirm the receiving of your application.

                3. All requests for internship must be sent to info@studio-a-int.com with the subject line
        "Request for Internship"

                Good luck to all applicants!