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Adrian L. Crisan, registered architect, NCARB

   Since 1992, Adrian has worked on a multitude of projects including airports, hospitals, data centers, military, residential, high rises, hospitality, etc. in the US and internationally. He is a licensed architect in the US, with a NCARB certification, as well as a licensed architect in Romania, EU (where he is member of Romanian Order of Architects, Transilvania Branch).

   Prior to graduating from School of Architecture and Urban Design, Cluj-Napoca, he studied physics at Babes-Bolyai University in the same city.

   Combining his vast construction experience with advanced mathematical and computing skills, Adrian is leading the efforts at Studio A International, LLC to create unique, highly efficient computing solutions that allow clients to automate complex processes and tasks, manipulate very large data sets while extracting and visualizing crucial information from their projects. He is focusing on implementing deep learning and powerful recursive algorithms.

   Adrian is fluent in C#, Python, Qiskit, Q#, SQL and several other programming languages while mastering the majority of industry BIM applications like Revit, Navisworks, etc.

   Beside architecture and computing technologies, he is interested in drawing, deep learning, Hidden Markov Models, Monte Carlo Methods, space travel, quantum computing, reverse biological aging and other cutting edge technologies.

   Adrian is leading the Architectural Design Department at Studio A International, LLC implementing highly energy efficient construction solutions beneath a modern building design.

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Alexandru Crisan, aerospace engineer

   Alexandru completed his undergraduate program at the Ohio State University and is continuing at his alma mater, with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

   As the lead of the Computing Technologies Department, he develops complex .NET applications that utilize his own highly advanced algorithms.

   While C# is his forte, Alexandru is mastering other programming languages like: Python, Java and C++.

   Alexandru is also leading the Advanced Technologies Department focusing on new technologies such as fully-electric jet engine, inertial energy storage, micro systems for energy generation, etc.

   Alexandru's LinkedIn Profile

   Our approach is to develop, create and perfect effective solutions for very complex problems.

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