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Studio A International, LLC was started in 2006, by architect Adrian L. Crisan, with the goal to

            become a leading global practice of architecture, planning and design.

                The core of our team is made by architect Adrian L. Crisan, the principal of the studio and
            architect Daniel L. Barringer, LEED AP the Director of Architecture. Marketing is coordinated by  
            Mrs. Lynncheryl M. Gadson marketing manager and  Mrs. Iutka Tobias marketing manager.                                     Curricullum Vitae of each team member can be accessed here.         

                Our studio is focusing on modern and sustainable design, and we work hard to ensure that every one
            of our projects become a high-perfoming building.

                We use statse-of-the-art 2D/3D CAD design and energy analysis tools (EnergyPlus, ESP-r, eQUEST),                     while Life Cycle Cost Analysis are elaborated, to prove the feasibility of the proposed solution.

                During the design process we maintain an interactive dialogue with our clients, listening carefully to all
            their requests, then best advise on every single issue.

                We establish strategic alliances with other companies, complementing each other skills. If you are                             interested in teaming up opportunities, please send an inquire to us at the contacts provided on the
            front page.

                We offer internship. Interested students should visit internship guidelines page, to become familiar
            with the process and requirements.

                Proectum, SRL is our European partner, with the main office located in Turda, Romania, EU.